Getting Egg on Your Face

John Prescott was the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in Tony Blair’s Labour Government. In 2001, he was on the campaign trail and was hit in the face by an egg that was thrown at him in Rhyl, North Wales.

The incident took place on 16 May 2001 and earned Mr Prescott the nickname John “Two Jabs” Prescott, referring the leading left punch in boxing. He was an amateur boxer in his younger years. His assailant, Craig Evans got up close and personal and egged the politician at virtually point blank range.

Prescott, known for his fiery temperament, lost it and turned round and punched Evans twice on the jaw. It did not end there as Evans managed to pin Mr Prescott against a wall where they both wrestled until police and party officials pulled them apart. Mr Prescott was escorted into a nearby building, but he was accosted by another protester while on the way in.

Evans later issued a statement and said that his protest was due to to the lack of support that farmers and farm workers were receiving from the Labour Government of the day.

Prime Minister Tony Blair dismissed the incident when questioned by the media by saying that “John is John”.

Mr Prescott and Mr Evans were both questioned by the police, but neither of them were prosecuted. The police ruled that he had acted in self defence and a number of straw polls by the media suggested that people thought he was right to retaliate.

Even with all the publicity and video of the event, Labour were returned to power and Mr Prescott was also re-elected. He served the Labour Party until 2007 when he resigned after claims of marital infidelity and undeclared property. By that time, his relationship with Tony Blair had soured beyond repair.

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