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Politics is a subject which affects all of us and it is a subject that I have followed constantly for over 15 years as a journalist. There is no doubt that things have changed over the years, especially in the digital age of social media and fake news.

These days, we hear all sorts about the people who contest for office and you do not always know what to believe. But if you think that some of the things that you hear are incredulous, this site contains a number of blog posts about situations – from the past and present – that beggar belief.

You will find posts about election candidates who either won big, or lost big, because of the way they handled the lead up to polling day.

From an Australian Prime Minister eating an onion – yes a whole onion – on live television to Boris Yeltsin convincing a television station to broadcast a popular Brazilian soap opera on polling day, these stories are all true.

We also look into when Ronald Reagan cheated in a live television debate to beat Jimmy Carter to the Presidency in the 1980 US elections.

The blog posts on this site also look into an incident I remember very well when the UK Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott punched a man who egged him in Wales. There is also a blog post about the island of Malta where political scandals and claims of millions of dollars in kickbacks went unheeded as the electorate returned Teflon coated Joseph Muscat to power. We also look at the fact that opinion polls do not reflect the results, as was evident in the very recent election in Great Britain.

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